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The Operating System for the Internet of Things


With the booming of Internet of Things (IoT), the number of connected devices will reach 30 billion in 2020. The problem is all these devices will be running state-of-the-art software which was not conceived for the data-intensive, security-critical, operations of IoT, normally ruled by the one-device/one-app principle.

The most commonly used Operating Systems for IoT devices are General Purpose Operating Systems (Linux, 72%; Windows, 23%). GPOSs have a large footprint, i.e. they take a big chunk of the device's resources only to run their own services, most of them not even required by IoT applications. Even worse, together with larger capabilities, comes a larger attack surface, turning IoT nodes into an open door to personal and critical data coming from sectors like eHealth or smart homes. This poses 2 sources of additional cost for businesses: (1) the heavy waste of hardware capabilities in an industry multiplying their number of devices by the hour, and (2) costs derived from managing security breaches (in Europe, fines from GDPR incompliance can reach €20M).

We present includeOS: a unikernel-based Operating System especially aimed for IoT devices. includeOS provides IoT devices with 96% enhanced security and reduced footprint, in an all-in-one concept: OS and application are developed, deployed and run as one thing. In this way, the application uses only the set of services it requires from the OS, optimizing the overall performance of IoT ecosystems by 54%, and reducing the number of attack vectors by 96%.

We are a spin-off from the Oslo Metropolitan University, founded in 2016. Our product is the result of intensive research work. Since then, we have worked with the ambition to create the best Operating System for single-purpose computers, in order to maximize their performance and hardware capabilities. With a minimum running cost, the launch of includeOS will let us scale up our businesses and secure a ROI of 16, in only 5 years.


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