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Dawex Data Marketplace deployment: unlocking European companies’ data value

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - Dawex GDM (Dawex Data Marketplace deployment: unlocking European companies’ data value)

Reporting period: 2019-11-01 to 2020-10-31

Companies, regardless of their size and their activities, are increasingly generating data. They use it to run their business but they also acquire data externally - whether publicly available data or data coming directly from other companies - as internal data generally do not suffice. Businesses increasingly realize that they can also generate new revenue by monetizing their own data to interested third parties. The European Commission has recognized the data market as the future of the global economy, as part of its flagship policy for the Digital Single Market. However, at present, there is no comprehensive platform dedicated to data transactions, suited to all types of data and all types of businesses.
Dawex is the first global data marketplace where companies from all industries can meet, buy and sell data directly and securely. Acting as a trusted third party, Dawex does not buy nor sell data itself; companies retain full control over the transactions they conduct on the marketplace. With more than 12,000 companies from 20+ business sectors already on-boarded the marketplace, Dawex is facilitating cross border data flow and makes data exchange accessible and secure for all economic stakeholders.
During the 2 years of this H2020 project, Dawex has deployed a Europe-wide, cross-border data marketplace, compliant with EU laws and regulations and respecting the highest security standards, which will unlock the potential of data and enable European companies to create value through data exchange.
In parallel and following the evolution of the market and user needs, Dawex has developed and commercially launched its Data Exchange Platform technology in multiple verticals with the ambition to create an ecosystem of platforms around the Global Data Marketplace. It will support the development of the EU Data Economy by enabling companies and organisations to embrace data exchange practices at different levels of maturity with tailored solutions and, ultimately, tackle the objective of the European commission to create European Data Spaces.
During the second year of the project, Dawex has accelerated to deploy its solutions to European countries, while strengthening its communication and commercial capabilities. Thanks to the work conducted to provide our clients with the most advanced, complete and easy-to-use platform, Dawex has been able to reach major milestones.
Obviously, we had take into account the impacts of the environment in which we operate. These impacts can be of different kinds:
- New entrants to the market
- Evolution of user needs
- Economic context
- New regulations or termination of existing agreements relating to data exchange

Between November 2019 and October 2020, the data exchange market has thus undergone many major developments:
- The arrival on the market of AWS Data Exchange: a data marketplace for specialized data sellers to large corporations,
- The launch by Snowflake of a Data Exchange-Edge computing offer, allowing its users to monetize access to data (not to exchange them)
- The end of the privacy shield between Europe and the United States, which calls into question the flow of data between these two economic zones
- The presentation by Europe of its new Data Strategy, which prioritizes the creation of Data Spaces from a list of sectors already identified

The Covid-19 crisis which had major economic impacts:
- For Dawex: prioritization of expenses and actions to be carried out
- For our clients: the crisis has durably impacted the business and operations of our clients
- For the market: an increase of awareness of the importance of exchanging data

All these changes, all these evolutions, naturally led to an evolution of the market, and of Dawex solutions to tackle these changes. As early as 2018, Dawex launched its Data Exchange Platform offering, in order to meet the needs of organizations wishing to orchestrate their own data exchange platforms. The project allowed Dawex to commercially deploy this new offer in Europe, alongside the Global Data Marketplace, and to address Europe's new priority: the creation of Data Spaces, allowing data to circulate within and across sectors. Today, with its clients, Dawex is already creating data spaces bringing together hundreds of players across Europe, exchanging data using its Data Exchange technology.

- Deploy several new Data Exchange Platforms covering 5+ business sectors
-- An EU initiative for the sharing of agricultural data (Agriculture)
-- A Japan-based trading corporation (trading of goods and services)
-- A major provider of financial and advisory services (financial)
-- Covid-19 Data Exchange Platform (health)
-- A collective project to meet the challenges of transparency and the promotion of quality approaches throughout the sector (Agrifood)

- Sign multiple Data Exchange Advisory missions for large corporations, to support them in the setting up of a Data Exchange strategy, preparing data exchange ecosystem.
- Continue the recruitment and development of Dawex, despite the Covid and economic crisis : Around 50 people actually working at Dawex
- Made the Global Data Marketplace growth (12,000+ companies)

- Deployed 8 new EU countrie for the second year of the project (15 in total)
- Increase Dawex brand awareness and visibility across Europe
-- Press releases : Hundreds of coverages worldwide and in Europe
-- Awarded Technology pioneers by the World Economic Forum
-- Recognitions /reviews by Gartner, Forrester, IDC, BCG, 451 Research, etc.
- Built new partnerships with worldwide corporations (Arm, Bouygues Constructions, Microsoft) and Consultancies (Deloitte, Smart City Insights)
- Test and increase the level of security of the Dawex technology
- Two pen tests conducted in 2019 and 2020 to assess the level of security of Dawex
- Certification of the platform achieved in October 2020 (SOC)
- Made the infrastructure and architecture of the platform evolve to be fully scalable to market requirements and clients needs: compatibility with new sovereign and European cloud providers (3DS Outscale, OVH, Orange Cloud for Business) and new worldwide cloud services (Microsoft Azure)
- Improved the user experience on the Dawex Global Data Marketplace with new functionalities and features
Despite the Covid Crisis, Dawex has strongly increase its effort to deploy at an EU-wide level its solutions.
The Global Data Marketplace has kept its growth (12,000+ companies) and we've been able to deploy our Data Exchange Technology in 5+ business sectors, part of the EU data spaces the commission wants to create.

In the meantime, Dawex has made its technology freely available to organisations willing to share data in the fight again the Covid crisis : health related data for the researchers, business and commercial data to help companies optimize their operations in this difficult context.

The platform (a pro bono initiative is available here :