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CONAN II - COmplete Nucleic acid ANalysis at genome scale at ultra-high throughput Phase 2

Project description

A revolutionary technology for genetic and epigenetic data analysis

Epigenetic modifications play vital roles in biology, from early embryonic development to defence mechanisms and cancer. However, current sequencing technologies fail to read the majority of these modifications. To address this limitation, the scientists of the EU-funded CONAN II project have developed the single-molecule magnetic detection and quantification (SIMDEQ) proprietary technology that in addition to genetic data it can read the chemical signatures on both DNA and RNA. During the CONAN II project, scientists developed a fully functional high-throughput system suitable for commercialisation. The SIMDEQ technology fosters a new genomics approach and has the potential to revolutionise genetic and epigenetic analysis studies.


Depixus is developing an innovative new biotechnology for ‘complete nucleic acid analysis’ called SIMDEQ (SIngle molecule Magnetic DEtection and Quantification). SIMDEQ is being developed not only for standard DNA sequencing, but to also reveal previously undecipherable layers of information contained within the many subtle chemical signatures (epigenetic base modifications) that are found on both DNA and RNA. The emerging picture is that these base modifications form a ‘second genome’ that plays many vital roles in biology – from early embryonic development, to pathogenic defence mechanisms, and the evolution of many cancers. Current sequencing technologies have very limited abilities to read these modifications. This SIMDEQ technology can analyse individual nucleic acid molecules (DNA or RNA). Our current prototype instruments are highly robust and can be used to generate accurate genetic and epigenetic data, but have limited sample throughput. This CONAN 2 proposal describes an ambitious project that focusses on the development of a high-throughput system, known as ‘SIMDEQ Digital’, based on a CMOS chip (like those in digital cameras) on which many millions of electronically addressable micron-scale wells are fabricated. The basic concepts underpinning SIMDEQ Digital have been well validated during the H2020 SME Phase 1 project, and the goal of CONAN 2 is to industrialise advanced MEMS and CMOS technologies to develop a fully-functional system suitable for commercialisation. The release of SIMDEQ technology will not only allow Depixus to compete in the existing sequencing industry, but also to open new markets for genetic and epigenetic analysis, EU-wide and globally. Early access to this technology will provide great business opportunities especially for European SMEs, who will help pioneer an entirely new “complete genomics” ecosystem.

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