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The world's first Sensor-Based Water Filter to Purify and Analyse Tap Water


Magnus Jern and Alex Schwartz founded TAPP Water in 2014 and since then have tested over 50 different filters and technologies, while conducting blind tests among test panels and installation tests and analysis by water institutes. Based on our findings, we developed a new filter system that provides the cleanest and best tasting tap water in the world: TAPP, combining the best of Scandinavian design, German engineering and Spanish water filtration expertise.

For now, our short term goal is to lower the environmental impact of clean drinking water and replace at least 1 Billion bottles by 2020 by empowering people to easily get clean and healthy water from tap. To achieve this goal, we have already sold two tap filters (TAPP 1 and 1S) in 5 countries, while TAPP 2 is being prepared for launch in June 2018.

TAPP X is the world’s first household water filter that contains sensors to analyse tap water quality in real time. With TAPP X we intend to alter consumers’ behaviour once and for all by taking away prejudices about (filtered) tap water in the form of an evidence-based approach. In addition, we will use this data to inform water providers and municipalities about tap water quality in their area. TAPP X is the next step in providing affordable, clean drinking water to all, while creating awareness about water consumption and battling harmful plastic waste.

With an estimated 1 Billion households worldwide having access to tap water, we initially target about 62 Million households in Europe and North America with TAPP X. Successful implementation and of TAPP X in our current portfolio of water filters by 2021 will boost our company not only financially, but also create new positions, further enhance tap water quality and reduce plastic bottle waste with 2 Billion bottles per year.

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