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Renewable Energy and Connectivity Hub


D6.1 Dissemination and communication plan

To widely disseminate the project concept, development, and results to general public, scientific community and industry stakeholders, we will be using the following effective communication means and strategies: ▪ Creation of a project D&C-P, outlining the process of dissemination for the REACH Project including the development of supportive communication tools; ▪ Development of a project brand identity to reinforce the project’s external image, as well as setup and maintenance of a user friendly REACH project website. The website will be continuously updated with the latest organised or attended events, published papers and the technical results. It will also have the facility for feedback; ▪ Creation and maintenance of an emails distribution list targeting relevant stakeholders, such as scientific communities, regulatory bodies, MNOs, NGOs and enclosure manufacturers etc., to distribute e-newsletters; ▪ Preparation of brochures and leaflets explaining our technology and make these available at industry events; ▪ Preparation of open access scientific publications and articles in peer-reviewed academic journals.

D6.2 Brochures and leaflets

The D&E Manager will be in liaison with the coordinator to advise and provide support to activities to raise awareness and to promote the projects visibility, especially for relevant stakeholders. The following activities are planned: ▪ Presentation of the project and its outcomes to relevant stakeholders at national and international conferences on resource and cost efficient Hub manufacturing process; ▪ Participation in common Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) dissemination activities: which covers resources to contribute, upon request by the EASME, to common dissemination activities to increase synergies and visibility of H2020 supported actions; ▪ Onsite workshops and group discussions among the BuffaloGrid agents; ▪ Organisation of press conferences with journalists for widespread dissemination of the project results; ▪ Organisation of a final dissemination conference with all partners to disseminate the project results to the scientific community, regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders and the public.

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