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Parental BONDing for a better start in life


Annually, 130.000 babies in the EU are born extremely premature, ranging from 24 to 32 weeks of gestation (so called
preterms). Currently the vital signs of these pre-terms are monitored with an adhesive electrode system that was originally
designed for adults. These electrodes cause stress and pain for the pre-term during the daily removal by which skin damage
can occur. Furthermore, the system prevents skin-to-skin contact with the pre-term parents (Kangaroo Mother Care) due to
the wires. Stress, pain and impaired Kangaroo Mother Care prevent pre-term development. Research shows that one out of
two pre-terms develops concentration disorders and/or cognitive impairments during their lifetime. This results in high
healthcare costs. Therefore, neonatologists demand an better solution that allows them to better assess pre-term wellbeing.
Bambi Medical, a rising med-tech company, responds to this market need with the introduction of the Bambi Belt. The Bambi
Belt is an innovative wireless and non-invasive system that can measure the vital signs of pre-terms. With the Bambi Belt
sensors are kept in place via an elastic belt that does not harm the fragile pre-term skin. In addition, the system is wireless
and therefore parents are enabled to give significant more Kangaroo Mother Care. This will improve the development of the
pre-term and reduce both short-term (less hospital days) and long-term (less costs due to development delays) healthcare
costs. These benefits of the Bambi Belt result in a higher quality of care and a more cost-effective solution.

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