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Enhancement of Blacksea Innovation Capacity

In this manner, this project aims to take action in the region by giving services for “Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs” as part of the activities of B-SEEN consortium in order to improve the innovation management capacity of SMEs in the Middle and Eastern Black Sea Regions of Turkey.

The specific objectives of the project are;
• To enhance the innovation management capacities of 31 SMEs in the region who are more capable of growth and internationalization by a diagnostic audit.
• To prepare tailor made action plans for these selected SMEs to improve their capacities of managing innovation process and by this action to provide them to know how to sustain the improved capacity.
• To support these 31 SMEs to implement the prepared action plan.
• To raise awareness of the SMEs in the region about H2020 SME Instrument calls and to encourage them about preparing proposals.
• If it will be applicable - due to the fact that it can be given only to the SMEs that are supported by SME Instrument of H2020 programme- to provide maximum 4 Key Account Management service in order to ensure the successful implementation of their Projects.

It is assumed that with the project that will be implemented in the region;
• Growth, revenue and profit from SME innovation will be enhanced,
• Fresh thinking and new value will be asset to the organization,
• Future market needs and possibilities will be understood better and that will capture value proactively
• Risks will be identified and mitigated better,
• Collective creativity and intelligence of the organization will be enhanced
• Collaboration with partners for innovation will create value
• Employee involvement in the organisation will be motivated and teamwork and collaboration will be fostered.



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