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Enterprise Lazio and Sardegna for Europe SMEs Innovation Management 2019

Project description

Improving SME innovation management capacity in Lazio and Sardegna

The EU-funded ELSE SIM 2019 project will provide on-site support to SMEs in the Lazio and Sardegna regions to improve their innovation management capacity. The ELSE – SIM 2019 (Enterprise Lazio and Sardegna for Europe – SMEs Innovation Management) consortium will deliver key account management (KAM) and enhancing SME innovation management capacity services. The KAM service will identify SME weaknesses and needs, assess suitable coaches, assist with the initial coach-SME interaction in preparing a coaching plan, and support SMEs in the management and administration process. Enhancing SME innovation management capacity services will assess SME innovation management capacity and implement a tailored action plan.


EEN consortia partners will improve their action providing on site support to SMEs, and becoming a part of the companies for assessing their capacity in the innovation management issues. The ELSE – SIM 2019 (Enterprise Lazio and Sardegna for Europe- SMEs Innovation Management) consortium as a whole is able to provide the expected

Key Account Management
• Assess SME gaps and needs,
• Facilitate the identification and the initial coach-SME interaction to prepare coaching plan,
• Support companies in the project management and administration

Enhancing SME innovation management capacity ,
• Asses innovation management capacity based on performance,
• Action plan implementation


Net EU contribution
€ 22 087,00
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Research Organisations
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