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Project description

Upgraded ICT that promotes transnational cooperation

EU-funded Idealist2020 fostered transnational cooperation among national contact points (NCP) in ICT-LEIT under Horizon 2020. The project, built on previous Idealist projects operating for twenty years, was the last ICT NCP project and brought deep and wide experience to the users of European research and innovation programmes. Idealist2020 offered services to ICT NCPs worldwide, the European ICT community, other networks, H2020 participants and proposers. Services included knowledge sharing through information about calls, a map of past, present and future ICT work programme topics (the Topic Tree), training seminars and best practices (Toolbox). Networking opportunities were a major activity along with H2020 proposal development activities including idea checks and full proposal checks.More about the project's services and opportunities at


This is the continuation project of the Ideal-ist network - the network for National Contact Points (NCP) of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
The objective of Ideal-ist is to foster trans-national cooperation among National Contact Points (NCP) in the area of Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies (LEIT) Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) under Horizon2020. The project will deliver trans-national services offering tangible benefits to Ideal-ist users; proposers and NCPs, and other projects, by supporting knowledge sharing, networking and proposal development activities. This cooperation will also include collaboration and networking with similar networks in parallel themes (Security, ENV, Transport, Energy, Health, etc.), especially in the context of joint/coordinated or PPP calls.
Ideal-ist will be built upon experience gained over more than 20 years from the preceding projects, starting in FP4, and the cooperation of NCPs in the network and those supporting the network.


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