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Fully controlled RTM tooling and high deposition rate ALM technologies for cost-effective and sustainable manufacturing of hybrid laminar wing demonstrator


The overall objective of HERON is to develop and manufacture a comprehensive set of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable tooling for RTM processes as well as the use of high deposition rate ALM technologies, aiming at improving the energy and resource efficiency of the manufacturing of a leading edge and trailing edge for integration on aeronautical demonstrator.
To this end, four innovative technologies will be combined and demonstrated at operational environments in aeronautic sector reached TRL 6:
A. Modular design for RTM tooling to facilitate leading edge parts demoulding and heating strategies, combining different heating systems in customized surfaces.
B. Near real time process monitoring as path to control RTM process parameters (such us temperature) relying on in-mould sensors (thermocouples, strain and pressure gauges), external gauges (thermal cameras) and a control algorithm for thermal distribution.
C. High deposition rate hybrid ALM for trailing edge production to reduce resources consumption, using resins specifically developed for aeronautical applications.
D. Finally, a fully automated and high accuracy production environment for the manufacturing of the necessary tooling for the leading edge and the application of the ALM technologies for the trailing edge, could ensure an accurate integration on the hybrid laminar wing demonstrators and an easy reparation or modification of the RTM tooling and ALM parts
These four innovative approaches can lead up to a direct 25 % of energy consumption reduction, 20 % of cost reduction and 30 % reduction in time cycle for the production of aeronautical structures.
The project concept will address 100% tooling needed in the RTM and ALM processes, both for manufacturing and validating purposes, leading to a reduction of CO2 equivalent emission by up 30% linked to the Clean Sky 2 Programme High-level Objectives.



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