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Demonstrator for Aircraft heat exchanger LIfe prediction


Draft plan for dissemination and exploitation of results

The Draft Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation of Results (PDER) will be issued at mid-term of the project. It will determine the results and knowledge arising from project that will be exploited and those which will make available to the public through public reports and/or journal, publications and conferences, during the project. It will include: • Overview of the project results and potential uses: List of identifiable project results, ownership, sectors of potential application and users; • Plan for the protection and exploitation of the results and the time schedule for subsequent actions. This part of the document shall contain a reporting of technology watch performed by partners, namely, a systematic observation, tracking, filtering out and assessing of any scientific or technical innovation with potential to create opportunities/ synergies or avoid threats; • Exploitation Risk Assessment and Action Plan: Covering technological, partnership, market and legal risks; • Dissemination Plan: Aimed at raising awareness of project activities and results within the laser research community as well as the general public

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