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Plug and play LED lighting control and monitoring system for new and existing installations


As energy consumption rates rise around the globe so too do emissions rates. By 2040 there will be a 30% increase in energy demand. In the EU buildings are responsible for 40% energy consumption and 36% of CO2 production. Lighting takes up 40% of this output. A growingly conscious consumer is looking at ways of both saving their pocket and the planet and is seeking out LED lights and smart lighting. The problem with these is that they require a skilled electrician to install and maintain them, adding extra monetary and time costs to the product. As data driven decision making becomes a key mechanism for optimum change we note there is little information on consumption and spending patterns of lighting.

Valtavalo’s WIISAS enables installation and retrofitting of IoT lighting without an electrician. WIISAS’s patent-pending technology uses sensors to group lights where and when needed wirelessly. This optimizes the tube lifetime and enables easy maintenance as notifications are sent when there is failure. WIISAS is a cost effective solution with savings of up to 90% compared to a traditional incandescent bulb. Connected to the cloud you are able to see exactly where and when your lights are activated, informing on spending habits, wasted spaces and building security amongst other uses. An intelligent monitoring lighting system that makes smart lighting easily accessible to the non-technical, WIISAS uses power harvesting technology to save your pocket and the planet.

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