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Energy from water in motion: efficient, customisable off-grid hydro-electricity for rural areas with stream access


500 million people are expected to be without power by 2040 despite a 70% global increase in energy demand. Existing solutions will struggle to cater as on-grid solutions are already unreliable or absent in rural areas and developing countries. Efficient new renewable energy solutions are needed in order to maximise world-wide electricity production, whilst meeting climate targets. In Europe alone, more than 26,400 suitable locations for mini (<1MW) hydropower generation remain unexploited, partly due to poor accessibility or unsuitability of existing mini-hydropower solutions. HYDROGO, our mobile, small, easy- and fast-to-install hydropower solution, is designed to alleviate the electricity needs of individuals or communities by producing electricity from river currents and waterfalls, efficiently, and in locations where existing solutions cannot. We have developed two models based on the same technology: Euro-pallet mounted Drop&Go and container-based Plug&Go to meet micro (<100 kW) and mini (<1MW) electricity demands, respectively. The HYDROGO plants can produce current effects up to 600 kW, meaning that Plug&Go could power up to 1,350 households/year. Practical and theoretical testing at the The Norwegian University of Science and Technology has allowed us to develop a HYDROGO prototype, which produces at least 20% more energy per waterfall height than existing hydropower technologies. HYDROGO requires only anchoring but no building work for its installation and is highly customisable to user needs, can be easily relocated, and set-up as a hybrid power station as well as connected to the grid. HYDROGO is not immersed in streams and therefore undisruptive to the environment, easy to maintain and move, if needed. Amongst its many potential applications, HYDROGO is the perfect solution for difficult to access areas and disaster zones where off-grid power is needed immediately. Our vision is to be the world leader in supplying small-scale hydropower plant solutions.

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