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Re-inventing Paint – A Pioneering, Dry Paint Film for Radio Frequency Identification applications

Project description

New, safer paint for RFID shielding

Paint used for radio frequency identification (RFID) applications requires a substantial makeover. Conductive liquid paints are used mainly for RFID shielding. Despite their competitive price, their use is time-consuming. The application procedure is also complicated. This is why these paints are less than optimal. Also, durability and thickness control are lacking and can cause issues like the signals going through holes or thin parts of the paint. The EU-funded WAVESHIELD project will try to find a solution. It will introduce an innovative alternative paint that is non-toxic, dry and provides 100 % effective RFID shielding. It’s also safer for workers and the environment.


With WaveShield we aim to re-invent paint for RFID applications. Our goal is to commercialize a dry, non-toxic, 100% effective RFID shielding solution with enhanced environmental and applications aspects, aiming to replace the conventional shielding liquid paints.
Conductive liquid paints are the most used solution for RFID shielding. They present a competitive quality/price ratio but the application process is complicated (9-step process) and time consuming (three to five days). Durability (dripping, cracking) and thickness control are also a challenge as they often generate shielding ineffectiveness (RFID signals go through holes or too thin layer of paint). Moreover, their VOCs content, along with the odor and dust emission during application, can have serious adverse health effects on workers and significant environmental impact. Thus, the RFID technology market is in need of a more effective, cleaner, enhanced alternative solution to prevent identification errors, simplify the application procedure and reduce the environmental impact.
WaveShield technology is a pioneering, VOC-free, 100% effective shielding, ready-to-use dry paint film with an embedded and mastered shielding function. It has high durability and the application procedure is a clean, simplified 3-step process, applied in only one day, without the need to remove or cover items or evacuate the space to be coated. We create a cost-efficient coating technology at a competitive price (€30/m2) that can be applied by coating professionals through standard application techniques.
CORSO MAGENTA is a pioneering start-up SME, expert in alternative coating products since its foundation in 2007. Since then, we have spent €2.6M on R&D to find an innovative solution and face those challenges.
Through this project, we aim to reach revenues of about €17 million after the fifth year of commercialization and create at least 35 new job positions. With a Phase 2 investment of €1.49M this would imply a ROI of 4.55.

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The organization defined itself as SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) at the time the Grant Agreement was signed.

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