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Me-Check - Screening of the dry eye syndrome


"Me-Check is a unique innovative Ophthalmic device that allows screening of dry eye and meibomian glands. It is a product developed entirely by Espansione Marketing Spa. Me-Check can define in 3 minutes if the patient is affected by dry eye or not. The purpose of screening is prevention, and it aims to identify people at high risk of a disorder.
Dry Eye (DE) syndrome is the most common ophthalmic manifestation and untreated dry eye can cause increased risk of ocular infection, corneal ulcer, and blindness. The clinical diagnosis of DE is challenging due to extensive variety of signs and symptoms and the ambiguity in the etiology and pathophysiology of the disease.
The proposed solution introduces novelty and added value: thanks to its best performance Me-Check is a very innovative medical device to screen the eye.
Me-Check overcomes the limitations shown by traditional methods and delivers tangible and direct benefits to its end-users: It allows to do a complete automatic and objective screening: in 3 minutes it is possible to define if the patient has the dry eye. It allows to reach a specific results, indeed the device gives two fundamental indications: 1. Meibomian gloss disfunction level (Meiboscale Dr. Pult ) and 2. The eye dry gravity level (OSDI 6 Dr. Pult / Prof. J. Wolffsohn ). The device does not require specific skills of dry eye pathology indeed the property software indicates the pathology level. This method can be used by the ophthalmologists for their routine examination. It is a very easy to use method: it can be used on customer slot lamp, with freehand or with dedicated station.
Me-Check addresses the needs of a large B2B user base including 370.000 in EU-28 among subjects responsible for eye disease visits and treatment. All have these main needs: it is instead necessary to evaluate the ""risk of dry eye"" throughout the population. Me-Check’s Total Addressable Market (TAM) is 925 MEUR in EU 28.

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