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Enhancing Standardisation strategies to integrate innovative technologies for Safety and Security in existing water networks


Market Analysis Report v1

Market Analysis Report v1

Self-assessment & data management plan v1

Self-assessment & data management plan v1 will outline the assessing plan of project objectives, with quantitative measures and indicators where appropriate, summarised through a series of tables. In addition, the report will describe the data requirements for supporting aqua3S’s R&D activities, along with a concrete plan of making different sets of data available to the Consortium. In addition, D1.2 will include an IPR plan reporting on the IPR related issues as agreed by all consortium members.

Social Engagement Guidelines

This report contains the outputs of T6.1.

Policy framework and Information Management

This deliverable reports on the current and proposed European legal framework, challenges within that framework, and provides policy recommendations for the future of water security.

Market Analysis Report v2

Market Analysis Report v2

Plan for communication and dissemination.

Plan for communication and dissemination.

The aqua3S ontology and semantic reasoning support

The requirements for the population of the aqua3S ontology and an initial version of the semantic reasoning techniques are described in D4.1, along with a roadmap to the linking of data obtained from the sensors networks, area monitoring, satellites and crowd-sourcing.

Preliminary ethics and legal framework

This deliverable will document the initial ethics and legal risks and framework to be followed throughout the project, including suggested high level solutions.

Mid-term review & progress report

Mid-term review & progress report will document: (a) the aqua3S objectives; (b) a summary of the project’s results in terms of scientific and technological achievements and dissemination actions during the first period; (c) a summary of provided research ethics guidelines and recommendations so as the project's result be compliance with national or EU regulations.

Mid-term report on data collection from multiple sensors and visual content

It will encapsulate the techniques for data acquisition from heterogeneous sources (UAVs, satellites and social media) as well as the state-of-the-art analytical methodologies to extract knowledge from obtained data.

Project management and quality assurance plan

D1.1 [Lead: CERTH; due M3; contribution: MS1] Project management and quality assurance plan will define: (i) the guidelines followed by partners to ensure high quality research, development and reporting; (ii) measures to be taken in case of detected or prognosticated quality flaws; (iii) quality assurance responsibilities.

Corporate identity and logo

Corporate identity and logo

Brochure and Infoboard

Brochure and Infoboard

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The need for digital water in a green Europe EU H2020 projects’ contribution to the implementation and strengthening of EU environmental policy

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Integrating EPANET and FIWARE for Development of Water Distribution System Digital Twins

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ICT4WATER cluster - Vision and showcases

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