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Migration-Related Risks caused by misconceptions of Opportunities and Requirement


Initial Requirements Documents

Report summarizing the refined user scenarios, the user stories and their prioritisation and the resulting requirements from tasks T2.1 and T2.2.

Data and Knowledge Management Plan

Plan that describes the data used in the project as well as the way the project deals with this data and with the knowledge created in the project.

Human Rights Implications Checklist

Human rights implications checklist to be used in the planning and development of the MIRROR application.

First Release of Multimedia Analysis Technologies

This deliverable describes the first version of the developed approach for migration-domain multimedia content annotation, automatic speech recognition, and provides a preliminary version for the visual sentiment analysis approach.

Y1 MIRROR Progress and Planning Report

Progress report of Y1 including updated risk assessment and KPI assessment.

D11.3 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

Initial version of the Dissemination and Exploitation Plan at M6, with updated versions at M18 and M36.

Communications Plan

Initial version of the Communications Plan plan at M3, with updated versions at M18 and M36.

First Release of Cross-media Social Network Analysis Technologies

This deliverable describes the methodology for cross media social network construction and provides first analysis of echo the chamber effects as well as for bias detection and propagation in constructed networks.

MIRROR Information Model: Initial Version

first version of the information model, based on the outcomes of WP2 (user stories and requirements) and WP4, WP5, WP6 (analysis models). The initial version of the model will define the core entities and workflows to be used as input for the first prototype.

Working Paper: Theoretical Framework for Migration Process Analysis

Theoretical framework for interplay social media migration process and target country perceptions based on literature review and initial expert interviews. Publication as Journal Article planned.

Project Identity Report

Creation of the project’s identity including a cohesive concept for presenting the project (logo, promotional material, website and social media accounts.

MIRROR Architecture and Integration Plan

Design of the overall architecture, selection of the candidate technologies for the implementation of the framework, identification of all expected components from technical WPs and integration plan for the different framework prototypes.

Interview Guidelines for Migration Process Analysis

Interview guidelines based on theoretical framework, expert interviews, and pilots, translated into target languages, interviewer training guidelines.

First Release of Text-analysis Technologies and Models

This report describes the first version of the text-processing, sentiment analysis, named-entity and topic-detection technologies and models.

Report of MIRROR Ethical Principles and Practices

This will document the ethical concerns MIRROR can come across and the way the partners are dealing with these concerns.

MIRROR Framework: First Prototype Release

First release of the integration platform, with available components as defined in D7.1 and compliant to the first version of the information model defined in D7.2.

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