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Intelligence Network and Secure Platform for Evidence Correlation and Transfer (INSPECTr)


Initial Legislative compliance relating to law-enforcement powers and evidence requirements

Consolidated survey of EU laws on evidence deriving from digital data and legal requirements concerning privacy and data protection highlighting legal influence factors and constraints Initial Version Including Legislation Frameworks for LEAs and CSIRTs Review of Regulatory developments in EU and USA Legal issues of LLs

INSPECTr Research ethics and data protection

The Data Management Plan describing how research data is handled collected processed andor generated by INSPECTr for data to be findable accessible interoperable and reusable FAIR during after the end of the project

Dissemination - Period 1

Logo project Website Dissemination Templates and posters and publications first release for Period 1

Ethical, Legal and Social requirements for the INSPECTr platform and tools

Cataloguing the ethical legal and social issues associated with the INSPECTr platform and how they should be addressed and resulting requirements for the design and development of the platform and tools

Reference Digital Forensics Domain Model

Library of CASE domain models relating to the Living Labs Review and adaptation of the CEF in the context of the INSPECTr LLs identifying necessary extensions

First Report on Ethical Governance

A report documenting the ethical management processes and any ethical issues experienced during the project The interim version of this report will be at M12 with updated versions at month 18 and month 36 The M36 version will include a guide on results exploitation and use after the end of the project

e-Codex infrastructure evaluation in the context of deployment in LLs

Living Labs analysis and deployment report Technical specification for integration or interlinking of eCodex with the INSPECTr platform

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