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Using Nano-Magnetic Resonance to deliver the world’s most cost-efficient system for the treatment of toxic industrial and landfill wastewater


The NMRT project aims at rolling to market a disruptive technology that uses electromagnetic resonance to treat wastewater, producing inert flocculates as a biproduct. The current TRL 6 prototype has been successfully tested in different kinds of wastewater (winery, landfill, leachate, tannery and textile industries), with two valid independent laboratory analyses to confirm it. Our fist paid pilot is running since June 2018 with great results.
NMRT has competitive installation costs (CAPEX - for both new wastewater treatment plants and as a secondary and tertiary system retrofitted in existing facilities) and has low maintenance and energy costs (OPEX), with no need for chemicals (compared to current best available technologies, such as reverse osmosis).
Difficulties in reaching full compliance with EU water directives such as the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive include high investment needs, mobilisation of the necessary funding, long and complex procedures for creating new infrastructure and for improving existing ones. NMRT is an innovative electromagnetic resonance treatment that specifically targets the pollutants that need to be eliminated before water can be reused for irrigation or groundwater discharge. Our project aligns completely with wastewater challenges identified by EU directives and legislation and H2020 objectives.
We aim at demonstrating NMRT at a large-scale plant, and will make use of the Phase 1 project to prepare a detailed feasibility study to confirm the viability of our solution and gather potential client feedback and willingness-to-buy.
FUNCIONAL is a European start-up created in 2016 specifically to bring NMRT technology to the market, and our consulting services and small-scale treatment plants have generated a turnover of 100.000€ in 2017. Our CEO has over 15 years of entrepreneurship experience, our Head of RDI is a waster water expert with 25 years of experience and our Head of Sales has 30 years of commercialization expertise.

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SME-1 - SME instrument phase 1


Rua Dos Padres Carmelitas, Centro De Negocios Idei Antico, Caixa 97
4719 005 Braga
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