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Augmented Reality Enriched Situation awareness for Border security

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ARESIBO (Augmented Reality Enriched Situation awareness for Border security)

Reporting period: 2019-05-01 to 2020-10-31

The challenge of ARESIBO is to use the new fusion techniques, Artificial intelligence and Augmented Reality to help the border guards to improve the situation awareness and the transmission of information between the patrolling teams and the tactical command and control centre in charge of the sector. ARESIBO will develop the new operational capabilities both for green and blue borders. The project objectives are:
. Develop a mock-up of what the whole system should be now in all EU Member States: modern command and control centre connected to patrol teams, unmanned surveillance platforms (air, ground, surface, underwater), the whole being supported by a reliable hybrid communication network.
. Enhance the system operational capabilities using emerging techniques/technologies in fusion, augmented reality, decision support domains to make the situation more comprehensive and readable by the end-users.
The project is user oriented and will be developed incrementally following a spiral pattern (3 versions). The end-users will be invited at each important milestone so as to validate/re-orient as needed.In a first step, two models of the systems will be designed, corresponding to green and blue borders as an effort to standardise the system capabilities in Europe. Then the new technologies will be integrated. Finally, the system will be customised for the trials campaigns, connecting the existing systems where relevant.
The system structure, based on high TRL components will be TRL 7/8. The new/emerging technologies integrated in this structure will target a TRL 6.
The target end users are Coast Guards (in general), Border Polices, both at tactical and at patrol levels.
For the 3 versions, there will be trials in Finland (outdoor) and in Scaramanga premises near Athens, where all the assets can be used freely.
ARESIBO will take into account FRONTEX initiatives and especially the coast guards blue books. Possible new procedures will be proposed with the new technologies.
At the end of the first period, the project is finalising the integration of the first version.
The user requirements, the regulatory framework and the CONOPS have been validated for the first version of the system (WP2).
The system specifications and the system design have been elaborated for V1 (WP6).
The communication network is defined and a first version has been developped (WP3)
The UxVs are currently being integrated through their respective Ground Control Station (WP3)
The data medel has been defined (WP4)
The data processing module for sensors has been developed for V1
The data fusion is close to completion (WP4)
There is a first structure of the decision support module (WP4)
The scenario creator and simulation have been adapted for ARESIBO (WP4 and WP5)
A first version of AR modules has been developed for C2, Field commander and Field officers (WP5).
The integration of the first version of the system (V1) is on-going (WP6)
A first test session took place (distributed due to travel restrictions) in November 2020
Dissemination and ewploitation actions were performed (again in a remote way due to travel restrictions)
C2 centre equiped with all emerging technologies.
Mulyi-UXVs operations with the operators equiped with AR devices.
Full capability AR equipment for C2 operators, field commanders and field operators.
Reliable end-to-end communication network to support all the field operations.
Innovative data models and fusion techniques.