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A compact and versatile kit for wireless power supply

Project description

Compact, affordable wireless charging technology could soon be charging smart home devices

Wireless charging technologies have been around for many years aiming to eliminate the use of cables in everything from smartphones to kitchen appliances and cars. The EU-funded Aladyn System Ph1 project is developing the first compact, cost-effective and safe power source that could charge all our devices at home such as our phones and even our TV. The technology, which relies on magnetic resonance coupling, will be modular and easy to install, providing more versatility compared to state-of-the-art solutions. Following its business plan, Spain-based company Aladyn System aims to produce nearly 17 000 units during the first year of the project execution and 60 000 by project completion.


To date, cable installations have dominated our way of understanding the electricity supply, but there are specific places where an electrical wiring is costly and difficult to install. Batteries and alternatives based on electromagnetic induction are presented as a portable solution that avoid the use of cables, yet they are not able to meet the demanding power
requirements for most of devices. Aladyn System aims at launching to the market a novel wireless power technology based on magnetic resonance. This compact power source is easy to install and modular providing a great versatility versus other power alternatives. With that aim, we have developed a wireless power prototype, which complies with standards and we are in contact with lighting sector companies to guarantee our solution production. However, we still need to carry out full operational test to achieve the necessary certifications to be able to commercialize Aladyn, along with the design of a miniaturized Aladyn version. In order to guarantee our presence into the market we also need to forge commercial agreements with other strategic companies and potential clients as well as several dissemination and exploitation activities as attending specialized lighting and technology fairs and conferences. The market for Aladyn system is the wireless power market which was valued at € 2.5 bn in 2016 and its forecast is to grow at at a CAGR of 23.15% between 2017 and 2022. Following our business plan, we are going to produce near 17,000 units during the first year, achieving 60,000 units by the last year. In order to accomplish our goal, we have planned an investment of € 1 Million for the Aladyn project attainment. Based on the profitability of the project and assuming an average price of 100 € for each basic kit, we expect a cumulative revenue of €11.1 M by the third year, meaning a cumulative cash flow of € 9.2 M which considering a 3-years forecast will give us a ROI of 347%.

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