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Understanding forest growth dynamics using novel 3D measurements and modelling approaches

Project description

Technology reveals new insights on forest ecosystems

A better understanding of forest growth dynamics can only enhance our knowledge of the carbon cycle and the mechanisms responsible for terrestrial carbon sources and sinks, reducing uncertainties about their magnitude and distribution. The EU-funded 3D-FOGROD project will employ LiDAR techniques to shed light on forest growth dynamics, in addition to helping evaluate the role of elevated CO2 levels in forest growth. The insights revealed will benefit the EU not only by generating new knowledge and publications in high-profile scientific journals but also by contributing to the EU's commitments to the Paris climate conference (the agreement that aims to limit the increase in global temperature to 1.5 °C).


Net EU contribution
€ 178 320,00
Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 25
9000 Gent

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Vlaams Gewest Prov. Oost-Vlaanderen Arr. Gent
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
€ 178 320,00