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Multi-camera autonomous robotic cameramen at the fingertips of all live video productions


Inconsistent quality, high personnel costs and personnel administration are the main bottlenecks faced by video production/technology companies. As a result, they experience very tight budgets (production requests to do “more with less” - nothing creative is left to do) and margin squeeze in case of production overruns (video productions often risk zero profit once overtime and overhead for human operators is factored in). Based on that, several industry players argue that 50% of the production requests are economically infeasible. To that direction, automation (applying artificial intelligence and robotics to replace repetitive and routine tasks) has emerged as a solution towards tackling the aforementioned challenges. That way, tasks are executed more efficiently and companies can remove economic bottlenecks, decrease mistakes, speed up output and devote more time to creative activities. However state-of-the-art automation technologies are limited to assistive systems or partial automation.
Multi RoboDOP revolutionizes the video production industry, offering full automation. By extending the offerings of our patented single camera solution (RoboDOP), multi-camera robot setups (hardware) collaborate with our proprietary automation control software handling all operational tasks of traditional production crews autonomously. Not only do we make autonomous video production possible, but disrupt the cost structure of today’s video productions by reducing production costs by 40%. Thus we unlock 50% of the market that cannot afford professional video productions while offering reduced costs and increased ROIs for the remaining applications/use cases. Multi RoboDOP will need an additional investment for developing the multi-camera coordination software platform to enable future automation features involving multiple coordinated robots and expand our add-on workflow services such as post-production, cloud back-up/distribution and automated editing.

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