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STADY: Autonomous intelligent cleaning robot for stables


Founded in 2012 in Germany, Perpetual Mobile provides Mobile Application and consulting services in farm management and machinery control. Our 14 engineers, ICT and business managers have completed over 150 projects to date. Our familiarity with the market needs led us to develop new navigation technology called outside-in tracking (patented) that is the core of Zauberzeug™, a robot for the autonomous cleaning of stables. EU stables currently produce 1.38 million tonnes of manure annually that must be cleaned to avoid public health and pollution issues and comply with the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC. Cleaning staff is difficult to source and expensive (around €27,500 per year). Current navigation technologies are based mainly on expensive GPS, LIDAR or Magnetic fields which allow navigation only outdoors or indoor and only over a limited variety of floor surfaces, preventing their use in livestock facilities or stables. However, the outside in tracking technology of Zauberzeug™ (combination of robot, a set of microprocessor cameras and a Mobile App) can automatically navigate both indoors and outdoors to detect, pick up and deposit objects (waste) with high precision. Our business model is also unique. Zauberzeug™ is offered for free, it has minimum installation and maintenance requirements (predictive maintenance). We will be the first movers offering advanced robotic Cleaning as a Service. Customers will acquire Zauberzeug™ free of charge and they will pay only for the cleaning service. This way we reduce the annual cleaning costs for stable owners (our customers) by up to 56%, while boosting our company growth. With a 250 units/year capacity by 2021, and a total potential market of stables having an area of 110Million square meters, our goal in the short term is to offer Zauberzeug™ services to an area of 1 million square meters of horse stables in Europe, generating €17 million profits and 16 new job positions, as forecasted for the period 2021-2025.

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Nordrhein-Westfalen Münster Coesfeld
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