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An innovative, reliable, lifesaving industrial air purification system that contains, cleans, and purifies air contaminated by toxic gases.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - C-Air (An innovative, reliable, lifesaving industrial air purification system that contains, cleans, and purifies air contaminated by toxic gases.)

Reporting period: 2018-12-01 to 2019-03-31

In today’s age, most of the pollution on the planet can be traced back to industries of some kind. In fact, the issue of industrial pollution has taken on major importance for agencies trying to fight against environmental decline. Countries facing sudden and rapid growth of such industries are finding it to be a serious problem which has to be brought under control immediately. Industrial pollution contaminates many sources of drinking water, releases unwanted toxins into the air and reduces the quality of soil all over the world. Major environmental issues such as global warming, rising sea levels, and toxic breathing conditions have been caused due to industrial mishaps, which have yet to be brought under control. Salamandra has developed the C-Air to help combat the issue with industrial emissions. The product is an efficient real-time air purification system composed of a scrubber and cloud-analytics. The system can be used for treating highly concentrated industrial emissions in order for them to comply with strict emission regulations.
During the feasibility assessment, Salamandra has completed a full analysis of the technical and business potential of the C-Air. Throughout the project, Salamandra has greatly expanded their knowledge regarding the technical objectives, potential target markets, and regulatory approval required for European market launch.
The key technical milestones achieved during the feasibility period was the completion of testing with the Casali Center of Applied Chemistry where the optimal reactant characteristics were decided upon which is a step needed to verify prior to applying to CE certification. The company also analyzed their production capabilities in conjunction with their scale up targets and decided it was advantageous to outsource the manufacturing and assembly of the C-Air unit to a contract manufacturing organization.
Salamandra also performed detailed market analysis and determined the go-to-market strategy for accelerated and effective market uptake.
The expected outcome of the project is to successfully execute the market validation and demonstrate that the value of high efficiency purification system for industrial emission purification. The spatially efficient unit, speed of the purification process, and 99.9% purification efficiency will enable highly polluting industries to quickly set up and install the C-Air and quickly begin to purify the toxic greenhouse gases. The deployment of the C-Air will also boost economic growth and create jobs within both Salamandra and customer companies.