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Protecting consumer and industrial products against counterfeiting with unforgeable nanoscale security elements


Counterfeiting is a major global problem that affects virtually all industries. Globalization, lowering of trade barriers & improvements in technology have created attractive opportunities for counterfeiters to manufacture, distribute & sell fake products worldwide.
Shrewd counterfeiters attempt to fake both the packaging of the products & products themselves. To prevent them from succeeding, product manufacturers are constantly looking for new copy- & tamper-proof security solutions for their products, which boosts the market. Only the hologram protection market (one of the most-widely used security products) was €16bn+ in 2015. The market is in dire need of a solution that will be able to make counterfeiting so expensive that it will no longer be economically viable.
Our technology produces holographic‐like effects & hidden nanosecurity codes that get embedded directly into the products during the process of plastic moulding. Our technology is unique in nanoengraving on flat & curved surfaces of moulds. It can be used in mass production of plastic-based products without prohibitive CAPEX investments. Morphotonix protection is embedded into the product without violating its purity—we use no additives.
We delivered 36 orders & prototypes to 26 different customers & carried out a number of industry trial cases.
We are aiming to start scale up of our technology in 2019, targeting €15.3m in revenues by 2022 with 55+ FTEs. In this Phase 1 project we will investigate the new target market segments & develop a strategy to scale.

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Batiment D Epfl Innovation Park
1015 Lausanne
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 50 000