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94% of all ammonia emissions in the EU result from agriculture, with livestock responsible for 80%. Ammonia is found in the animals’ excreta and rapidly volatilises to the environment. Atmospheric ammonia (NH3) has great environmental implications due to its important role in ecosystem and global nitrogen cycle, as well as contribution to secondary particle formation. Particulate ammonium species contribute to the degradation of air quality and visibility, as well as to the atmospheric radiative balance. NH3 emissions are also a primary cause of welfare problems in livestock farming. Up to 30% productivity losses have been reported in farms, associated to animals’ disease, mortality and lower quality of the meat or milk.
To date, no solutions exist that eliminate NH3 from its source, but only solutions that reduce it once released, not eliminating the problem. We have developed the first solution designed to work directly on the source of NH3 emissions and do it with an efficiency or nearly 100%. Our solution consists of a microbial-enzymatic mix that is applied directly to the manure to accelerate the natural transformation processes. Once NH3 is transformed, its emission stops. The approach is based on enhancing the natural process occurring in the manure. It is 100% natural based and is specific to each farm type, as each animal’s manure differs, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal dose. The composition has recently been patent granted in Europe and Asia. So far, we have completed development of our solution for bovine and pigs, however, their entry is limited by the absence of a validation form a recognised research institute. We now aim to obtain this validation as well as continue development to extent the formulation to all other types of farms. Our product has already been sold to several farms in Switzerland, Italy and Mexico, where our efforts to sell have focused. So far, all feedback and test results have been a success.

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