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Novel ultrasensitive detection device for early Sepsis diagnosis

Project description

Detecting sepsis in less than half an hour – a detection device without peer

Sepsis constitutes a global health issue and early detection during the first hours is crucial for survival. To assist in the prompt diagnosis of sepsis, the EU-funded IVD4Sepsis project has developed an ultrasensitive equipment capable of detecting 30 sepsis-associated biomarkers at the same time at a fraction of the cost of other technologies. Diagnosis takes less than 20 min and sensitivity is a million times higher than current methods used in clinical practice. Given the high number of sepsis-associated deaths, the IVD4Sepsis device has the potential to improve the outcome of the condition by offering fast and ultrasensitive diagnosis.


More than 27 M people per year develop sepsis, which has been catalogued as a Global health problem & priority. Sepsis kills more people than AIDs, prostate and breast cancer combined globally, and it lack of appropriate diagnostic tools. Moreover it has been demonstrated that early detection during the first hours is crucial for survival.
Mecwins has developed the AVAC Technology prototype, an ultrasensitive detection equipment for early detection of sepsis, with: i) sensitivity a million times higher than current levels in clinical practice, ii) requiring smaller biological sample for the test, iii) multiplexing capability 30 biomarkers per analysis, iv) less diagnosis time ≤20 min, v) scalable solution - reference technology applicable to a wide range of other clinical applications (oncology, cardiovascular, autoimmune diseases, etc.).
The unique value proposition of AVAC Technology is based on the early, accurate and fast diagnosis of sepsis and its competitive price (30€ per test versus 150€ per test with PCR-Roche) compared to current techniques (PCR & ELISA).
Sepsis market is included on the infectious market and it was worth 278 M€ in 2015. Some estimations claim that it will grow until 717 M€ in 2021. Mecwins foresees to reach 25% of the total market by 2027 IVD4Sepsis through a double one-off revenue business model, and expecting a turnover accounting for almost 42,5 M€ by 2025.

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