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EMWORK – The fully automated EMC filter designer

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - EMWORK (EMWORK – The fully automated EMC filter designer)

Reporting period: 2018-12-01 to 2019-05-31

This project has focused on a Feasibility Study for the Business and product mix of Emzer Technological Solutions S.L. The problem addressed by the products of Emzer is to reduce the design time, complication and high costs involved in achieving a power-line filter that is needed for for today´s complex electrical products to avoid unwanted interference through the power line cable plugged to the mains that any electronic device emits and receives since present-day measurement instruments do not provide enough data for a designer to undertake a rigorous design of an optimal filter. Our aim is to finalise and launch the world´s first automatic Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) measurement and filter design instrument (EMWORK).
This is important for society as society demands that newly available technology works smoothly and that new technology increases in performance for achieving better results.
The overall objectives of this project were to understand that the Emzer business and product offering is technically feasible, but also economically and practically feasible from a market entry standpoint.
As a conclusion our Feasibility Study has been very useful for us allowing us to explore and understand a set of commercial factors that otherwise we would have left until far too late. Now we understand better real commercial realities, potential pitfuls and opportunities for taking EMWORK to the market. Overall with the size of market predicted versus the amount of needed resources to obtain it we feel that the project is very feasible and are motivated to move through the next step!
Over six months, we have been able to advance our understanding of the technical feasibility of our solution in near term real usage situation, as well as how to best position ourselves for strong market entry. We have completed a SWOT analysis that showed us we need to obtain internal commercial resource as soon as possible and that we also need to improve our connections with private investment capital. The business plan has been updated, including market size updates, competitor review, business model and goto market strategy.

We have worked to complete a functioning prototype of EMWORK and have demonstrated this to a potential end user company. The results were very positive (the prototype performed correctly) and the end user showed strong interest to purchase the product when finalised. Further end users were spoken to and all replicated the strong interest to purchase the product in the future, thus potential exploitation is looking positive. Our planned production and calibration strategy was updated.

We dissemintated the product at an event and with printed material. Further, we developed a communications plan to be activitated as the company grows at the end of this year and into 2020.
A plan for obtaining ISO9001 certification has been made and we have advanced our knowledge of and contacts within the EMC regulatory bodies.

Moreover we conducted a patentability analysis with a patent attorney during this Feasibility Study and found that some unpublished aspects are potentially patentable. We are now beginning to draft this patent with an aim to apply soon.
Our main product EMWORK will be the final result of our project and is already based on multiple scientific papers of ours, representing a clear advance on the Electromagnetic Compatibility Test equipment State of the Art since there is not any competitor doing anything similar to EMWORK that can perform an automatic design of optimal power-line filter that allow electronic and electric manufacturers fulfil with Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives in a fastest and cost-effective way.

We expect EMWORK to have a social and economic impact as it speeds up and improves EMC certification for today´s and the ever more complex next generation of electrical and electronic equipment. EMWORK reduces time and equipment costs that are currently used in the electric & electronic industry to find the most suitable filter to avoid electromagnetic interference emissions. This will allow European and worldwide companies being more productive and consumers could benefit on final prices decreasing.

In addition EMWORK will underlay Emzer's growth being our core business from 2022 and achieving 61% of our total turnover by 2026.