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A closer look at children’s potential in autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder affecting people of every race, ethnicity and socioeconomic group. An estimated one out of every 68 children are diagnosed with ASD, resulting in significant social, communication and behavioural challenges, which burden many families, leading to institutional dependency. In a wide variety of symptoms and impairments, many treatments and therapies use to be applied according to the individual’s case, making their costs tremendously high. The EU-funded ALL project will bring a groundbreaking change in ASD treatment with technology based on the ALL approach, enabling a fact-based intervention strategy in learning. It will effectively unlock the potential of ASD patients, changing their lives, and lower the cost of therapy.


Animated Language Learning is an Irish high growth company, driving forward a ground breaking innovative approach to the development and education of children with autism. The core team is led by Enda Dodd CEO, a Fortune 200 (Medical devices) New Product Development VP; and Valerie Dodd, head of product development, as well as a teacher/psychologist.
Our two product development professionals, Conor and Eoin Dodd, have emerged from Autism, thanks to the ALL approach.

Our team benefits from inputs from global key opinion leaders across relevant clinical, technical, educational and commercial areas including the University of California and National University Ireland Galway (NUIG), Disney, Adobe, Microsoft and Google are also supporting our efforts. We are a global developer of language development tools for Autistic children (ASD) with our first commercial offering currently undergoing pilot studies in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia.

Children diagnosed with autism fail to develop communication skills and face long term societal dependency and institutionalisation. The US centres for disease control (CDC) reports US Incident rate is approximately 1:68 births and further that European and Asian rates are similar . Annual costs associated with treating this condition in the US and UK alone across clinical, educational, custodial and lost earnings have been estimated to be $283 billion for a total ASD (autism) population of 4.5 million. Despite substantial differences in healthcare policies in the two countries, life time costs associated with the condition were similar. Multiple peer reviewed studies collated by the CDC indicate that ASD prevalence in Europe and Asia is commensurate with the US / UK study.
We have developed a fundamentally different, life-changing and effective technology which is significantly lower cost, capable of unlocking the potential of those diagnosed with ASD so they can make a contribution to society instead of being a burden.

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