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Secure software implementation of an eSIM

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Helios-Plugin (Secure software implementation of an eSIM)

Reporting period: 2019-01-01 to 2019-04-30

Helios-Plugin is a GSMA compliant and secure software implementation of an eSIMs. Our eSIM will embed USIM 4G and 5G functionalities inside devices and machines without the constraints of integrating removable or built-in SIM hardware and providing seamless connectivity and remote provisioning of IoT smart devices.
The objectives of the feasibility study are: i) Prototype upgrade - to determine the optimisation criteria for the adaptation of the prototype to the new Operating System and the latest API methods; ii) GSMA framework - to design the frame work structure for M2M and consumer devices; and iii) Market Study and definition of our market penetration strategy; iv) Risk assessment; and v) Business plan development.
Technical assessment: We determined the optimisation criteria for the adaptation of the prototype to the new Operating System and the latest API methods; designed the framework structure and develop the Work Plan structure for the Phase 2 project, detailing all the technical and commercial activities to be carried out.
Market assessment: We updated our market assessment, defined our target customers and set an initial market entry and internationalization strategy. We also prepared a communication and dissemination plan. We performed a Freedom to Operate analysis and concluded that there are no known public patents that might affect the freedom to operate of Oasis commercializing Helios eSIM Software Plug-in. We also analysed the regulatory requirements to ensure that our product is compliant.
Financial assessment: We updated our financial forecast. We also estimated the required budget necessary to reach the market.
Current eSIMs are deficient in that they are hardware dependant and can only be implemented as a physical component soldered in the device. As a result, they cannot be deployed on existing devices, which makes old devices obsolete. Our innovation will be the only software White Label solution in the market, with most solutions following and end-to-end (E2E) marketing process that does not involve any third-party distribution.
Helios-Plugin will be commercialized as a “software-only” along with personalisation services. We will encourage our customers to buy the secure micro-controller hardware (SE) directly from the semiconductor company, which is an innovative business model and a key differentiator to the current SIM manufacturers (Gemalto, Idemia).
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