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New wearable measurement devices for Industry 4.0 based on gaming motion-capture system

Project description

New generation of smart tools increasing manufacturing efficiency

The automotive and mechanical engineering sectors are facing key challenges, from the achievement of production efficiency and the limited accuracy of ergonomic measurement tools to the absence of such tools and the costs of occupational health issues. The EU-funded ERGOVIAkinematix project has set out to address these challenges by supporting a complex HW/SW solution comprising a wearable smart measuring device with sensors capable of eliminating magnetic field data infringement and a high-capacity data unit, among other characteristics. Through the project, a functioning prototype of this system will be created and validated. Its technical viability will be assessed, and a financial and business plan will be developed.


ERGOVIAKinematix is a disruptive innovation in the area of Smart Factory targeted predominantly at automotive and mechanical engineering sectors. It is a complex HW&SW solution comprising wearable smart measuring device with sensors capable of eliminating magnetic field data infringement, high-capacity data unit with a Big-Data analytical tool and a unique software capable of real-time recognition and evaluation of biometric position of fingers (in 3D) based on globally used ergonomic methods. There is nothing comparable to our solution at the global market.
The product solution is targeted at automotive and mechanical engineering sectors that comprise an estimated number of 5 000 companies in the EU, 16,3 mil. employees and about 250 automobile assembly and engine production plants in the Europe. Our solution is capable to identify manufacture efficiency increase up to 30% in terms of time and 25% in terms of manufacture efficiency (by means of lean operations elimination). Moreover, our specific approach (via ergonomic measurement) is primarily oriented on workers´ welfare and thus, reduces risks of most common occupational disease – musculoskeletal diseases.
Concept of the product is based on customers´ feedback and identified market gap (absence of sensors resistant to metallic objects´ magnetic fields that influence the accuracy of measured data e.g. in engine manufacturing lines).
We plan to implement the whole project within 30 months (6 months Phase I, 24 months Phase II). The expected costs of these two phases are app. 1,57 mil. EUR. By 2022 our project will generate a turnover of 8,75 mil. EUR and 25 new jobs created. Our goal is to have a 15% EU-market share in consultancy services by 2025.

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