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Unlocking the potential of Sustainable BiodegradabLe Packaging


USABLE website

USABLE PACKAGING Website to go live with essential and basic content.

Dissemination material

This deliverable is a collection of the material produced for disseminating USABLE Packaging by partners through different channels, such as presentations, press release, events, television, radio. Therefore the deliverable may include different forms of material such as presentations, videos,roll ups, printed brochures, interviews with partners. Links to the various forms of dissemination material are to be provided along with a list of all items.

Data Management plan

The DMP will describe the master framework for data collection, storage and publication, as it relates to various categories of data collection. The DMP will include procedures and policies for data collection, storage and publication.

Library of feedstock specifications and availability

This deliverable includes an inventory of the feedstock made available from industry partners such as Barilla, Caviro, Orogel, PHR and it includes the characteristics of the feedstock as well as the planned supply. The process route for each stream of feedstock is also to be listed and the partner to conduct the process operations provides input on the expected result.

Report on Stakeholder Platform activity - initial

The deliverable reports the activities peformed by the stakeholder platform during M1-M12 of the project such as meetings, events, workshops and the members who compose the platform, their comments and their questions regarding the project. The deliverable includes the agenda of the meeting and the material presented or a summary of it in case of confidentiality issues and minutes of the discussions.

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