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Safe and easy retrofit with energy efficient LED-tubes

Project description

A fast, safe and cost-effective way to upgrade fluorescent lighting is on the way

Fluorescent lamps are still among the most widely used types of lighting today, but their mercury vapour that emits ultraviolet light is toxic and can contaminate the environment if a tube is broken during use or disposal. The Austrian company MPE Moled Produktions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH has developed a small box, the M OLED®-Box, that will enable a fluorescent lighting unit to be upgraded to an energy-efficient LED one safely and inexpensively in a matter of minutes. The EU-funded SEREEL project will enable the team to conduct the necessary market research to expand throughout Europe, delivering energy and environmental benefits for all.


LED is an energy-saving trend in lighting technology and offers more and more solutions to replace the fluorescent tube.
Unfortunately, the change from these tubes to LED-tubes is much more difficult than the replacement of light bulbs by LED
bulbs. This resulted in a trend which is a waste of resources and harmful to the environment: The whole luminaire (light
fitting including casing, glass etc.) is disposed and replaced by an ‘integrated LED luminaire’ which has to be replaced in 5-7
years. We have more than 2300 Mio. fluorescent tubes in Europe. This trend produces a giant pile of expensive electronic
scrap and wastes money. Our company is going to change the game: We developed a tiny box which allows to upgrade a
luminaire for fluorescent tubes to an efficient LED-luminaire which works with 230V LED-tubes. Earlier, this modification was
critical for safety reasons. After the modification, an inadvertently inserted fluorescent tube would blast if there was not our
innovation: The patented M OLED®-Box solves the safety issue and allows electricians to retrofit the existing luminaire without the
risk of injury of the users. The necessary re-certification is easy, because the M OLED®-Box is a certified component and
our company delivers a helpful how-to manual in the electricians national language. The modification itself only needs 5-10
minutes. The M OLED®-Box (made in EU) has a market price of approx. € 15.-. The production is rather simple
and the business model can be scaled up quickly. The potential market size is € 1000 Mio / yr. In Phase 1, the project goal is
to survey the targeted markets France, Poland, Spain, Sweden and UK. Together with Austria and Germany they build starting points to conquer the whole European market. The information obtained is the base for the feasibility study. The business model will be based on
distribution partners. The production is outsourced to suppliers in the EU where we have access for strict quality control.

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