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A secure wearable for payments, ticketing, access control and ID management


Keys, credit cards & transport tickets are becoming fully digital—they are increasingly getting replaced by smartphone apps. This shift is fuelled by the ubiquity & convenience of smartphones as well as increasing support for short distance communication protocols (such as NFC or BLE) by different hardware. This increasing digitalization of everyday life requires secure authentication, which passwords, cards & keys frequently cannot meet as they are prone to losses & attacks. There is a market opportunity for a novel biometric solution that overcomes the deficiencies of the existing solutions and makes end-user transactions smooth & secure. While device OEMs like Apple or Samsung are using fingerprints & face recognition as core biometrics, we have designed a completely novel approach to ultra-secure biometrics authentication and built a device around it.
BiowatchID is a smart band worn on the wrist, which is a secure vault that only the owner can use due to continuous biometric authentication. BiowatchID uses a secure patented wrist vein identification technology with demonstrated 99,999% reliability. It is a tamper-proof, military grade security device which supports multiple protocols & communication channels.
Once BiowatchID is closed on the wrist, it scans & recognizes the unique vein pattern, and then continuously monitors the presence of the wrist.
BiowatchID is designed to replace ID cards & passports; credit cards, loyalty cards, mobility cards; car keys, passwords, access badges; (and in the long term) Touch ID, Face ID & other similar biometric authentication solutions. Most importantly, BiowatchID can combine all of the above in a single wearable
Our research shows that there will be at least 160m wearable devices with seamless biometric authentication solutions by 2020. Our commercial target is to sell 500,000 by 2023, reaching €100m+ in revenues.

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