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Ekowasher Graffiti Blaster - A Closed-loop system for Environmentally Optimized Cleaning and Decontamination


The environmental costs of graffiti removal procedures make them far more expensive than the financial estimations may express. An ordinary graffiti removal procedure requires many cubic meters of drinking water. Waste water is spread around contaminating ground water and causing high exposure of humans (especially children) and animals to the hazardous aerosols.
Currently water shortages affect at least 11% of Europeans and in 20 years from now, global water demand is likely to exceed water supply by 40%. As a result, prices for drinking water might significantly rise. The cleaning industry companies are searching for efficient tools that would balance the rising environmental requirements with their economic efficiency.
Ekowasher Sweden AB offers an unique closed loop system where the residual products are separated and the wash water is purified by a combination of filters and reused.
The water consumption of the Graffiti Blaster is almost zero. Through the specially designed washing nozzles, various surfaces of different porosity can be washed. As the washing water is collected and recycled inside the Graffiti Blaster, the risk of contaminating pollutants being spread by the wash water and the wind is minimized. The Graffiti Blaster’s environmental performance surpasses all other market-available solutions.
In this project we will conduct a deeper analysis of the technical feasibility and of potential ergonomic improvements of the Graffiti Blaster. We will identify the necessary adjustments required for further expansion of the Graffiti Blaster across other industries and market segments. We will conduct an economic feasibility assessment that will indicate the perspectives of entering foreign markets. Moreover, we will investigate business opportunities that may appear through a wider adaptation of our innovation by exploring other segments of the cleaning, decontamination and removal industry.

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