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National Contact Points (NCPs) Network of Societal Challenge 6 'Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies' (SC6)


Opportunities for SSH researchers in Horizon 2020 (longer version)

A document listing all funding opportunities with relevance to SSH will be produced at the end of 2019 after the update of the SC6 Work Programme for the 2020 calls. The document will include all dedicated SSH topics as well as topics with substantial SSH aspects. The document will assist SSH researchers in their quest for EU funding and support NCPs in providing informed assistance to researchers. It will also serve as a guideline for the monitoring of SSH integration.

Factsheets “Integration on the field”

A series of factsheets will be produced on the topic of “Integration of SSH throughout Horizon 202. They will build on the results of interviews focusing on success stories of SSH Integration in the different areas of Horzion 2020. The project aims to publish at least one factsheet for each Societal Challenge and one per Enabling Industrial Technology (minimum 6 maximum 9). The factsheets will be disseminated among both SC6 and non-SC6 NCPs and researchers.

Report on Networking activities

This report will provide information and analysis of activities undertaken to develop and secure cooperation with other networks and relevant actors/stakeholders within the SSH/SC6 community during Net4Society5's runtime.

Report on the SSH-relevant calls in ERA-Initiatives

Net4Society will screen funding opportunities for SSH researchers in the programmes of related European Research Area (ERA) initiatives, such as ERA-NETs, Joint Technology Initiatives, Article 185 and Joint Programming Initiatives and publish them on the project’s website. Each identified opportunity in ERA-Initiatives will also be published and posted on social media, and all NCPs will be notified for dissemination purposes at national level.

Report on impact of user perceptions of Partner and Research Directory

A report detailing user perceptions and understanding of Net4Society's dedicated Partner Search and Research Directory tools will be produced. This report will inform on users' satisfaction and the overall usefulness of such tools in potential applicants' pursuit of EU research funding.

Data Management Plan

Development (and regular updating) of a Data Management Plan (DMP) outlining the project's policy toward management of personal data, its collection and storage an its practical implementation.

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