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Digging in Early Picasso’s Artworks: Making and Meaning Research Forum

Project description

Painting a picture of Picasso’s early creations

The Spanish painter Pablo Picasso is without a doubt one of the world’s most famous and influential artists. His name is synonymous with modern art. The EU-funded DEPART project will lay the foundation for a future international Picasso Museum network platform. To begin with, it will analyse Picasso’s early creations (paintings and graphic art), many of which are housed at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. Specifically, it will review the painting techniques and materials used by Picasso during his early period artworks (1895-1900). The findings will shed light on the ambiguities still existing regarding Picasso’s artistic discourses. The results will also help in the organisation of exhibitions as well as in the conservation, storage and display strategies.


This project aims to provide in-depth research on technical art history and scientific analysis on the early Picasso objects (paintings and graphic art), largely deposited at the host institution, the Picasso Museum in Barcelona (MPB). This interdisciplinary research between curatorial, conservation, and natural science approaches includes investigating the painting techniques and artists’ materials of early period artworks (1895-1900). The final goal of this project is to offer an open access platform/database of technical art historical and scientific research which will help national and international scholars to unveil ambiguities still existing on Picasso’s artistic discourses. Moreover, results from this project will also help professionals to better design exhibition, conservation, storage and display strategies which will be of paramount importance to preserve our cultural heritage for future generations.

The candidate’s conservation scientist background, expertise on modern materials, and her network with museums and academic institutions will be beneficial for this project and the host institutions. At the same time, by working on such top-notch Museum and scientific academia environment (University of Barcelona (UB), project’s secondment institution), the candidate future professional career will clearly benefit. The successful implementation of the research and training objectives will be secured by the resources of the highly qualified institutions involved in this project (Picasso Museum Barcelona and the University of Barcelona). In-situ studies, preparation of samples and paint replicas, and documentation of Picasso’s artworks will be done at the MPB. The scientific analysis of samples will be carried out at the UB, where a range of analytical equipment is available. Results obtained from this project will lay the foundation for a future international Picasso Museum network platform.



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