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The expression of cultural cross-fertilization in Egyptian clothing of the 7th-10th centuries AD.


Reconstruction of a deconstructed tunic

Author(s): Anne Kwaspen
Published in: Zea Books, 2020
Publisher: Zea Books
DOI: 10.32873/unl.dc.zea.1083

Sprang hairnets from the necropolis of Fag el-Gamus in the Fayum

Author(s): Anne Kwaspen, Kristin South
Published in: Crafting textiles: tablet weaving, sprang, lace and other techniques from the Bronze Age to the early 17th century, 2021, Page(s) 85-102, ISBN 978-1-78925-759-5
Publisher: Oxbow

The tunics of Fag el-Gamus. A survey of types

Author(s): Kristin South, Anne Kwaspen
Published in: Proceedings of Purpureae Vestes, VII, 2020, 2020, Page(s) 487-495, ISBN 978-84-338-6776-6
Publisher: University of Granada