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Developement of compact single-cycle light sources

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Hardware-efficient megapixel per second coherent soliton microcomb ranging

Author(s): Lukashchuk, Anton; Riemensberger, Johann; Karpov, Maxim; Liu, Junqiu; Kippenberg, Tobias J.
Published in: Issue 1, 2021

Symmetry protection of topological states in multimode photonic resonator chains

Author(s): Tikan, Alexey; Tusnin, Aleksandr; Riemensberger, Johann; Churaev, Mikhail; Komagata, Kenichi; Ji, Xinru; Wang, Rui Ning; Liu, Junqiu; Kippenberg, Tobias J.
Published in: Issue 1, 2020

Ultralow-noise frequency-agile photonic integrated lasers

Author(s): Grigory Lihachev, Johann Riemensberger, Wenle Weng, Junqiu Liu, Hao Tian, Anat Siddharth, Viacheslav Snigirev, Rui Ning Wang, Jijun He, Sunil A. Bhave, Tobias J. Kippenberg
Published in: 2021

Dissipative Kerr solitons in a photonic dimer on both sides of exceptional point

Author(s): Kenichi Komagata, Alexey Tikan, Aleksandr Tusnin, Johann Riemensberger, Mikhail Churaev, Hairun Guo, Tobias J Kippenberg
Published in: Issue 1, 2021

Massively parallel coherent laser ranging using a soliton microcomb

Author(s): Johann Riemensberger, Anton Lukashchuk, Maxim Karpov, Wenle Weng, Erwan Lucas, Junqiu Liu, Tobias J. Kippenberg
Published in: Nature, Issue 581/7807, 2020, Page(s) 164-170, ISSN 0028-0836
DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-2239-3

Emergent nonlinear phenomena in a driven dissipative photonic dimer

Author(s): A. Tikan, J. Riemensberger, K. Komagata, S. Hönl, M. Churaev, C. Skehan, H. Guo, R. N. Wang, J. Liu, P. Seidler, T. J. Kippenberg
Published in: Nature Physics, Issue 17/5, 2021, Page(s) 604-610, ISSN 1745-2473
DOI: 10.1038/s41567-020-01159-y