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Financing scheme for Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy Guaranteed in Deep renovations of building stock


National Context, Legal and Regulatory Framework Analysis

Analysis on the existing regulations, development of proposals for their changes, if necessary. Month of delivery: 6

Marketing materials

Marketing materials: web based newspapers, poster, brochure (500 hard copies for partner countries), video recording in English and partner countries (PL, BG, LV, AT, SK, RO). Latvia will integrate the findings of Partners in its own project. Month of delivery: 13

Recommendations for EPC+ investments on the basis of the Priority Programme implementation

Recommendations for investments under the EPC plus contract based on the experience of the Priority Programme implementation in Poland will be developed. Month of delivery: 47

Facilitation process methodology and report

Methodology of facilitating process for closing the pilot project objects and report on the facilitation process will be developed Month of delivery 26

Concept Paper

Updated concept of the multistakeholder platform including new module description of SHAREX platform content structure feature and module plans Month of delivery 4

Report on public support days

Report on virtual event for stakeholders to use multistakeholder platform including feedback from platform users Month of delivery 14

Recommendations and conclusions for BEEF model implementation process

Description of the case study of the entire Pilot Project implementation process and regarding results, methodology, and needed changes in the context, laws and regulations. The report summarises stakeholder engagement, the use of the online platform, the replication of the LABEEF model and the implementation of pilot (renovation) projects in each partner country. Month of delivery: 48

Macro-economic reports on evaluation of EE potential (by country)

Analysis of economic and technical potential of multifamily houses or public building renovation in each country will be performed using two different approaches - financial calculation and financial analysis matching. Month of delivery: 9

Pipeline report including the first potential buildings for the Pilot project

Report on Pilot project including identification of possible stakeholders and potential buildings that will be involved in the projectMonth of delivery 24

Publishable report

Summary report on project results. Month of delivery: 54

Project website

Project website in English and national languages (PL, BG, LV, AT, SK, RO). Latvia will integrate the findings of Partners in its own project. Month of delivery: 6

SHAREX platform

SHAREX platform delivery in 6 partner languages PL BG LV AT SK RO Latvia will integrate the findings of Partners in its own project Month of delivery 14

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