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Making heating and cooling for European consumers efficient, economically resilient, clean and climate-friendly


RHC requirement analysis

Compiled results from complete survey on regional and national strategies, plans, policy objectives, implemented/planned measures and instruments (focused on the target region) related to sustainable HC equipment and comprehensive set of dialogues with the key stakeholders and analysis of existing energy strategies and action plans, energy bookkeeping, performance measurement and evaluation of low-carbon strategies.

Replacement Handbook for intermediaries and investors

A (R)HC handbook dedicated for professional intermediaries (chimney sweepers, installers, plumbers, energy advisers) and investors, incl. a planning guidance with indicators, benchmarks for improving quality of planning and performance, innovative business models and financing options will be elaborated.

RHC barriers to overcome, challenges, solutions, best practices

Results from the analysis of the specific legal framework conditions which cause severe barriers for the decarbonisation of the heating and cooling systems.

Best practice examples of (R)HC replacements in the target regions

Compilation of best practice examples from target regions and innovative best practice examples from more experienced countries.

Collective and demand response actions, status, (legal and other) challenges and opportunities

Compiled results of the survey on innovative approaches for enabling a collective energy transition (demand-response and collective actions).

Catalogue of best practices and innovative approaches and SWOT on previous HC replacement campaigns

A catalogue of best practices and innovative approaches produced in close cooperation with specific target groups in each region.

Socio-economic findings concerning (R)HC markets for different stakeholders

Compilation of the results of the surveys conducted as part of WP3.

Matrices leading to “right” RHC systems

Based on a SWOT analysis for certain technologies and options for each target region, an assessment matrix will be developed taking into account the specific situation in the region to assess which (R)HC technologies (and domestic water heating) systems (incl. DH) best fit to each building shell and in-house heat distribution system, seen also from an ecological and economical point of view when replacing inefficient (R)HC technologies

Project materials and REPLACE presentation produced

Project materials (flyer, poster, roll-ups, beach-flags) produced and electronic flyers in English and in national languages.

Project logo and material templates

Logo for the REPLACE project and templates for emails, presentations (branding), dissemination material.

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