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INNOVativing the uptake of Energy Auditing Schemes for SMEs


Energy culture and energy transition

The deliverable consists in a report structuring the results of the surveys in the aspects dealing with the users' behaviours (K&I)

Report on framework conditions

The deliverable intends to provide an overview on the existing legislative and financial conditions supporting the adoption of energy efficiency measures in SMEs (UTBW)

Dissemination and Communication Plan

The project Communication and Dissemination Plan defines the project strategy for dissemination and communication and the tools, actions and events planned to carry it out.

Initial Risk Register and Ethical Compliance Assurance documentation and periodic updates

The document will provide indications on the procedures to be followed in order to avoid and/or mitigate potential risks. It will also ensure that all the ethical issues arising in will be properly addressed

Assessment of non-technical barriers

The deliverable consists in a report structuring the results of the assessment of the non-technical (behavioural, organizational and psychological) barriers, that hinder the use of energy audit to uptake energy saving measures (K&I)

Project Flyer

The flyer provides the key information and messages of the project to present it in a simple and direct way to the stakeholders, inviting them to benefit from its services and public outputs


The website is online since M4, in a version that provides all necessary information and news feed about the project scope and activities

Training webinars

webinars created and used for the web-based modules will be uploaded on the project website and accessible to registered participants

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