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Cell Membrane Training to Advance Industrial Processes

Project description

Industrial applications should flourish from enhanced understanding of cell membranes

Hormones, neurotransmitters and antibodies are only a few of the many biological molecules of interest to a large research community. The cell membrane, on the other hand, does not often get the spotlight. Yet, without it, the aforementioned molecules would be rendered useless with no way for controlled packaging, release and signal transfer. The cell membrane is integral to cell, tissue and whole-body function, separating the contents of the intracellular and extracellular spaces and acting as a site of signal reception and transduction. The MemTrain project is preparing enthusiastic young researchers to delve deep into the workings of cell membranes. By enabling researchers to work between sectors, the outcomes are expected to have important impact on industrially relevant processes in medicine and biotechnology.


Net EU contribution
€ 976 320,00
Aston Triangle
B4 7ET Birmingham
United Kingdom

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West Midlands (England) West Midlands Birmingham
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
€ 976 320,00