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Report on the definition of initial and boundary conditions for the SBO accident

The deliverable will provide the different elements of the accident scenarios that will be used in the simulations made in the other tasks. The description will include list of safety parameters to be included in simulations, together with acceptance criteria. The deliverable will permit to determine all the parameters to consider in the following tasks of simulations.

Preliminary design and models of the sCO2-4-NPP heat exchangers

Release of the preliminary design and models of the sCO2-4-NPP heat exchangers (heat recovery exchanger and heat sink exchanger).

Project public website

Public website will provide information about the project, publications, news and events.

Design bases and analyses for system and components

In this deliverable NRI and EDF for the system and components will be defined the design bases with relevant regulations for selected reactor type. The system and components will be analysed on the internal and external hazards. The Equipement Qualification (EQ) is generally established on a component by component basis. When the components are mechanically and electrically interconnecting as a functional system, the complete system is qualified if the performance functions of the individual devices are properly defined and qualified. This deliverable intends to establish the requirements for the EQ for the components and the system only.

Report on the validation status of codes and models for simulation of sCO2-HeRo loop

The deliverable contains simulation results of ATHLET, ATHLET/Modelica and CATHARE simulations of the sCO2-HeRo cycle. The models and possible improvements are described. The code results are compared among each other.

Requirements for reference plant modifications for installation of sCO2-4-NPP

In this deliverable NRI and EDF will provide the set of requirements for the implementation of the system in the nuclear power plant (NPP) in selected reactor type (VVER for NRI and PWR for EDF). This deliverable will provide the necessary data to identify the required system functions critical to other system devices, interfaces and the overall plant.

Interim technical review

Internal project technical review meeting assessing progress against workplan.

First version of sCO2-4-NPP exploitation plan

Report encompassing the exploitation plans for the sCO2-4-NPP system and system components including technological, regulatory, financial and organisational (business plan) roadmaps for reaching TRL9.

Requirements for the preoperational and initial start-up test programmes for the system

In this deliverable NRI will prepare the preoperational and initial start-up test programs for the system including technical specifications will be prepared. The report will be involved limiting conditions of operation and periodic surveillance testing, inspections and analyses for the system.

Report on identification of the regulatory elements for design of components and system

In this deliverable the main regulatory requirements for design of components and system will be given.

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Impact of volumetric system design on compressor inlet conditions in supercritical CO2 cycles

Author(s): Alexander Johannes Hacks, Sebastian Schuster, Dieter Brillert
Published in: Proceedings of Global Power & Propulsion Society, 2020
DOI: 10.33737/gpps20-tc-177