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Advanced Sylil Modified Polymers for Commercial Transportation and Automotive Elastic Adhesive Markets

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Advanced-SiMP (Advanced Sylil Modified Polymers for Commercial Transportation and Automotive Elastic Adhesive Markets)

Reporting period: 2019-03-01 to 2020-02-29

Advanced-SiMP is a high-performance silyl-modified polymer that possess the inherent advantages of SiMP adhesives (isocyanate and solvent free, low VOC emissions and no need of primer application) with radically improved mechanical performance. This unique combination of properties will lead Advanced-SiMP to be used for joining structural pieces of vehicles in an efficient and sustainable manner. Based on our own polymer backbone structure with the addition of fillers, we have developed a solution with comparable mechanical properties to those of PU.
Very importantly, Advanced-SiMP allows to omit the surface preparation step at the production stage which, at the same time, implies important savings of cost and time compared to current solutions. The polymer obtained can be hard and tough like a resin or elastic and flexible like a rubber, thus finding application as both sealant and adhesive (hybrid adhesive).
Advanced-SiMP will be the first SiMP adhesive with high mechanical properties (tensile strength above 9 MPa, elongation 300%) allowing it to be used as a structural adhesive, thus competing with current solutions based on PU, the most consumed adhesive by the automotive industry, and satisfying at the same time the need of lower environmental and health effects.
There are therefore two global objectives to be achieved during the execution of this project: industrially produce Advanced-SiMP according to the standards of our customers and establish a commercial network that ensures the successful commercialization of Advanced-SiMP after the project.
Technical work:
- Synthesis of modified prepolymers to be used in adhesive formulation
- Selection and use of suitable reinforcing fillers
- Optimization of adhesive formula according to target specifications
- Primary testing of selected modified formulation batches
- Secondary testing (assessment of long-term performance) of selected modified batches
- Design of new facility for handling of special grade carbon black filler
- Update of NPT plant layout considering the new carbon black facility to be included

Dissemination and commercialisation work:
- Intenal meetings focused on the Visual identity of Advanced SiMP
- Internal meetings focused on the price strategy definition
- Training sessions with existing distributors and industrial customers
- Periodical meeting with our partner L&L
- Meeting with direct potential customer FCA Group
- Meetings together with our country distributors with existing and potential BTR customers
- Creation of the Website
- Creation of the crash test video
- Realization of various marketing tools
- Participation to Autopromotec Exhibition in May 2019 in Bologna (Italy for the aftermarket
We expect that Advanced SiMP project will have a substantial impact on the market. Our aim is to transform our technology in a new technological standard meeting the highest and most innovative requirements of the market.
We expect Advanced SiMP technology will represent a new and innovative solution for the automotive and transportation sector emphasizing and giving an effective reply to the growing demand of more environmental and health products.
A simplification of the applicative activity for the end users combining high performance solutions, easier to handle and safer, to more cost-effective alternative to what available today o9n the market.
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