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Disrupting fine chemicals manufacturing with catalyst-coated tube reactors

Project description

New coating technology to revolutionise the fine chemicals industry

Europe is the leading manufacturer of all fine chemicals with a global market share of 40 %, which is expected to reach USD 191 billion by 2021. Bringing together academics in the field of reaction engineering and catalysis, the EU-funded Stoli Catalysts project will develop coating technology for a wide range of catalysts to halve manufacturing costs across the fine chemicals industry by covering more than 90 % of the needs of the fine chemicals industry. The team will develop, validate, perform feasibility studies, and demonstrate the market potential of this disruptive ground-breaking technology.


Stoli Catalysts Ltd is an innovative UK award-winning innovative SME, a spin-out of University of
Warwick (UoW). Our team comprises of leading academics in the field of reaction engineering and
catalysis led by CEO with significant commercial experience and supported by two industrial experts.
Stoli Catalysts patented catalyst coating technology has the potential to halve the manufacturing costs
across the Fine Chemicals industry. It delivers high mass and heat transfer rates in reactions providing
higher reactor utilization and efficiency promising to disrupt this industry.
Stoli Catalysts’s coating technology can be applied to a wide range of catalysts covering more than 90%
of the needs of fine chemicals industry. The initial addressable market of €317 M comprises
manufacturers of fine chemicals (nutraceuticals, agrochemicals & speciality chemicals).
Professor Evgeny Rebrov (founder) was awarded with 2 ERC grants, totalling €1,400,000, to develop,
validate, perform the feasibility study and demonstrate the market potential of his ground-breaking
technology: ERC Starting Grant 279867–RFMiFiCS “RF-enhanced micro processing for the fine chemicals
synthesis using catalysts supported on magnetic nanoparticles” and ERC Proof of Concept
693739–MiCARF “Multi-tubular Catalytic Reactor for Flexible Production of Fine Chemicals”.
Stoli Catalysts was supported to date by the Business Ready program of the UoW Science Park and
funding from Innovate UK, Warwick Ventures, Mercia Technologies PLC as well as from direct product
sales, in-kind contribution from industrial partners (DSM and Vapourtec) and consultancy projects.
The two ERC projects brought the innovation to TRL 7, and after obtaining promising results from the
feasibility study, we are applying for the SME Instrument PH2 funding to scale up the technology in the
industrial environment and reach TRL9.

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€ 1 177 925,00
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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