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BioMensio mobile biosensing platform: the first truly palm-sized and accurate digital multi-drug test

Periodic Reporting for period 3 - BioMensio (BioMensio mobile biosensing platform: the first truly palm-sized and accurate digital multi-drug test)

Reporting period: 2021-05-01 to 2022-03-31

The main goal of our project was to develop a handheld platform for rapid screening at point of need using our proprietary mass sensitive microarray biosensor. Within this project we have taken steps to productise our platform, set up mass manufacturing process for our sensor, cartridge and reader. In addition to drugs of abuse, food safety application for milk quality monitoring at production site has been developed.

The conclusions of the project:
- A bioassay for milk quality monitoring has been developed and validated on our lab analyser
- Drugs of Abuse application has also been developed during the project and is planned to be commercialized after the initial milk quality monitoring application
- Piloting study on milk quality monitoring is scheduled
- A process for biofunctionalization of sensors has been developed
- A process for mass manufacturing of the sensor is in the process of been set – this will bring COGS significantly down
- A new cartridge and reader for piloting study have been developed and are in the process of been validated
Work Package 1 has progressed well. Bioassay for milk quality monitoring has been developed near maturity and validated on lab analysers, piloting project has been planned. Progress was also achieved on drugs of abuse and Covid-19 rapid screening tests. data analysis software has been significantly improved and made user friendly, and is currently been adapted for automated analysis.

Work Package 2 focuses on development of sensor, cartridge and hardware. Significant efforts have been put in improving sensor manufacturing process, overall quality and yield. A process for mass manufacturing is been set. Cartridge and reader for food monitoring and drugs of abuse screening have been developed and will be verified during coming months.

A piloting study (Work Package 3) on food safety has been planned for the end of the 2022.

Work Package 4: Commercialisation plan, website and social media profiles are continuously updated. IP rights have been transferred from the founders to Biomensio in spring 2021. Processes to establish high quality mass manufacturing are being set. Pandemic has prevented technology demonstrations and networking during 2020-21, however, currently we are actively preparing product and technology demonstrations and are looking for new industrial partners. Several dissemination articles are in preparation.

In Work Package 5: all deliverables have been submitted and overall goal achieved.
After first piloting project we will prepare for launching our first commercial device on food safety market. Piloting project will allow us to collect feedback on user interphase and user experience, and to implement improvements to he first release. After first commercial launch we expect to be able more rapidly to develop product versions for new applications. We are actively looking for development partners to co-develop applications for new markets and expect to enlarge to other areas in food safety, environmental monitoring and diagnostics.