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The first DRY Electropolishing technology for high-precision components


People may wonder why experts pay so many attentions to the part’s surface but not the bulk part itself. The answer is obvious since most of the manufacturing-machined parts fail starting from just the surface and finally result in malfunction in practice.
Specifically within metal industry, the surface roughness of a workpiece strongly influences its properties and functional performance, including abrasion/corrosion resistance, dirt adhesion, as well as the visual impression for clients. There are crucial applications where surface properties and final tolerances prove to be CRITICAL for the intended function of the products (body implants, dental frames, aeronautics, etc..) therefore several metal-based industries need to accurately grind and polish specific pieces as part of the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, nowadays, state-of-the-art solutions for high-precision metal polishing are intensive time-consuming and/or render sub-optimal results.
At Steros GPA Innovative S.L after 3 years of technical development, we are presenting DLyte: a patented technology that will overcome current drawbacks and represent a real breakthrough for high-precision surface finishing. DLyte assures significant operational savings in time and costs and reduced hazardous impacts on the worker and the environment. Concerning performance, surface quality will be improved in terms of productivity, accuracy and higher flexibility regarding item’s geometries. The first DRY Electropolishing technology for high-precision components.
We have validated DLyte by means minimum viable product pre-series sold and an attractive business plan, which estimates yearly revenues for GPA Innova up to 39.7Million€ and cumulated benefits reaching 15.6Million€ by the end of 2024.
However, despite the great effort done up to this point, the equipment still needs to solve specific limitations related with technical and business-oriented requirements before obtaining a marketable certified unit.

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