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Hardware-Assisted Decoupled Access Execution on the Digital Market: The EDRA Framework


Project Overview, web-site and logo

D1.1 will detail the update and expanded overall work plan, so as to ensure that all project objectives and milestones will be achieved on time. It will also include the project website and logo.

Dissemination report

D3.2 will summarize all activities related to disseminating EDRA to end-users around the world via different venues (e.g. summits, conferences).

EDRA IP exploitation report

D3.3 will present the first EDRA release on the AWS marketplace, as well as provide potential collaborations with other companies to enhance its market penetration.

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Exploring Modern FPGA Platforms for Faster Phylogeny Reconstruction with RAxML

Author(s): Pavlos Malakonakis, Andreas Brokalakis, Nikolaos Alachiotis
Published in: IEEE International conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering, 20th, 2020
Publisher: ΙΕΕΕ